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Privacy Guidelines 1

Privacy The Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association (OHHA) exercises best practices to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (5 U.S.C. § 552a). The Act requires all public-facing sites or forms that request “Personal Identifying Information” (PII) to display a privacy notice prominently and conspicuously.

Website Browsing During visits to OHHA hosted websites, we automatically collect information during visits to measure information delivery and advertising effectiveness. The information gathered may include the Internet domain you use to access the Internet, IP address, operating system and browser information, date and time of visit, content visited, viewed, or downloaded, redirect source or referral source information that connected you to an OHHA website. The analytics measurement software used to collect this data varies but includes Google Analytics and Amazon Web Services tools. The OHHA does not have access to individual site visit information. Information is viewed in the aggregate from all users for a specific time. From time-to-time the OHHA may post online polls or surveys requesting individual feedback from visitors. The OHHA uses Survey Monkey when direct queries are requested. Visitors’ participation is voluntary. Access to the website for those who decline polls or surveys is identical as are visitors that participate in polls or surveys. All individual feedback requested is used for the purpose disclosed and intended, results are only kept as needed to support the underlying initiative and are retained as required by law.

Website Session and Persistent Cookies The OHHA websites use a piece of text (“cookie”) stored on a visitor’s browser to collect visitor’s information related to OHHA site visits only. A cookie permits the OHHA websites to “remember” visitor preferences, surfing behavior, or preferences while browsing OHHA websites. Cookies also permit dynamic features of the OHHA websites to function properly. Third party software, modules, or add-ins being used with OHHA websites might use persistent or session cookies. Cookies collect no personal information about you and no data collected is accessible, viewable, or retained by the OHHA.

E-mail messages Many activities and functions require the use of e-mail and e-mail addresses. We ask that you not send us sensitive or confidential information (like social security numbers) via e-mail. However, we will use any information provided by a user to respond to a query. We will not send confidential or sensitive information via e-mail unless specifically asked to send via e-mail transmission. E-mail is not a secure form of correspondence and may be subject to interception by unrelated third parties. If it is necessary to send confidential information such as your bank account, charge card, or social security number you should send it via a secure program website link or provide that information directly to an OHHA employee by mail, in person, or over the phone.

Social Media Websites and Third-Party website links The OHHA uses and links visitors to third party social media websites and other websites. The OHHA’s use of these websites is to engage in dialog, share information and media, and collaborate with visitors. The OHHA does not use social media or third-party websites to solicit or collect PII. Any information social media or third-party websites collect is not received or stored by the OHHA. The OHHA acts consistent with the Privacy Act on transmission, storage, or dissemination. OHHA sites may contain links to third-party sites as a convenience. Third-party websites may not follow the same access, privacy or security policies. If accessing third-party websites, a visitor will be subject to the policies of that website. The OHHA is not responsible for the content of any third-party site, or any product, service, or offerings made through third-party sites.

Security OHHA websites take security seriously and hold confidentiality and integrity of any information collected by the websites. The OHHA has put commercial software programs in place to protect and safeguard any information stored on our systems. Monitored are unauthorized attempts to upload or change information that may otherwise cause damage to the websites or individual user accounts. Unauthorized attempts to upload, change, or record information are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act. Information gathered online from or about children under the age of 13 will comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Verifiable guardian or parental consent must be obtained if collecting, using, or disseminating personal information from a child under 13, and specific instructions will disclose and inform regarding, information viewing, use, or who will see it and how long it will be kept.

The OHHA reserves the complete discretionary right to change any privacy guidelines at any time. Any modifications are effective immediately upon posting. Visitors are responsible for checking periodically for revisions to privacy guidelines. Continued use of OHHA websites following posted modification means you accept the modified privacy guidelines.

  1. Revision date, Updated 8.31.23.