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Terms of Use Guidelines 1

Information Accuracy, Timeliness or Completeness. The OHHA is not responsible if information we disseminate on OHHA websites is inaccurate, incomplete, or not current. OHHA website materials are provided for general information purposes. Reliance on OHHA website materials are at your own risk. The OHHA reserves the right to alter, amend, or modify the contents at any time and in their sole and complete discretion. Visitors agree that they will monitor any changes to OHHA websites.

Submitted Information. Non-confidential and non-proprietary visitor’s communication via any means including but not limited to e-mail provided without restriction may be disclosed, distributed, modified, or reproduced by the OHHA without compensating for any use. This applies to limited scope disclosure of information for a specific purpose, such as the disclosure of information by a visitor for review with any other entity or regulatory body (i.e., Ohio State Racing Commission) to educate, problem solve, to correct an error, or aid with compliance or regulation.

Photo, Video, and Audio Use Guidelines. OHHA websites extensively use multimedia assets including photos, videos, audio, and materials produced by and for OHHA use. For materials produced for OHHA use some may contain Copyright notices. A visitor is responsible for identifying and obtaining permission from any copyright owner before the use of any multimedia asset. Identification and permission for use includes any portion or segment of a multimedia asset, portion of narration, or music. Visitors may use OHHA produced multimedia assets for educational or informational purposes only. If using OHHA assets for any other purposes it is a visitor’s responsibility to request and obtain permission before using any multimedia asset. Rebroadcast or dissemination of any multimedia materials for gaming, wagering, or any other monetary or illegal purpose is strictly prohibited. Using any OHHA multimedia assets to state or imply endorsement is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized Use. Use of the OHHA websites constitutes express consent to security monitoring. Unauthorized access or use of OHHA websites, other user’s files, system files, or accounts is prohibited. Systems and equipment are subject to monitoring and protection against unauthorized access, use, and verification of security features and processes. Access, use, or verification control failures are not access authorizations. Unauthorized access may result in criminal, civil, regulatory, or administrative penalties as determined in the OHHA’s sole and complete discretion.

Jurisdiction. All visitors knowingly, irrevocably, and expressly consent to exclusive jurisdiction under the laws of the State of Ohio, Franklin County for any action, enforcement, unauthorized access, or use of the OHHA website.

The OHHA reserves the complete discretionary right to change any terms, conditions, or use guidelines at any time. Any modifications are effective immediately upon posting. Visitors are responsible for checking periodically for revisions to terms, conditions, or use restrictions. Continued use of OHHA websites following posted modification means you accept the modified terms, conditions, or use guidelines.

  1. Revision date, Updated 8.31.23.