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06/13/24Qualifers hosted by the Delaware County Fairgrounds are on June 18th and 25, 2024. Post Time for both days is 8:00 a.m.

06/04/24Listen as Executive Director Renée Mancino sits down with the Farm Bureau's Ty Higgins and talks about prreparations being made for the 2024 Ohio County Fair Racing Season. From the OHHA to the barn what goes into producing and providing horses for top-notch Ohio County Fair Racing.

05/30/24Today the Ohio State Racing Commisson issued a Directive regarding leaving the racetrack after the post-parade. If a horse leaves the track without permission of the judges they may be scratched from the race.

05/09/24Make sure to check the condition sheets for Caesars Scioto Downs for small modificaitons made to the starter's allowance race rules from the Miami Valley meet starter's allowances. Starters allowance horses can only drop in without a tag if you've raced for the claiming price or lower in your last two starts. Claimers Class Drop Rule: (Unless approved by the race secretary) $50,000 and above to NW14000, 40,000 to NW10500, 30,000 to NW7500, 20,000 to NW5000, 15,000 to NW3750. Starters Allowance races that are claiming handicaps will be drawn based on claiming price or the horse's last claiming tag.

05/07/24Join us statewide as the young horses begin Ohio's Matinee season. May 11, 2024 first post at noon at Mercer County, May 18, 2024 at noon at Darke County, May 19, 2024 at Fayette County at 12:30 p.m., May 26, 2024 at Champaign County at 12:30 p.m., and wrapping up the season June 2, 2024 at Crawford County with an 11:00 a.m. post time. Check our livestream site for live broadcasts of the matinees.

04/18/24The OHHA Board of Directors approved a $5,000 contribution for the national harness racing horsemen's association's US Supreme Court Amicus Curiae brief. The initiative was spearheaded by the New York Standardbred Breeders and Owner's Associaton.

03/24/24March 24, 2024 MGM floating the potential sale of their operating rights at MGM Northfield and MGM Springfield. VICI owns the real estate. Last time it sold was 2018 for $275 million to MGM.

03/19/24Modifications underway for horse racing regulation in Kentucky. An emergency Bill (SB 3) passed in the Kentucky Senate 20-16 and moved to the House March 15, 2024. It moves the Kentucky Racing Commission from a State Agency to an Independent Department administratively attached under the Department of Agriculture. March 30, 2024 update, Kentucky Senator Thayer (leaving the legislature December 31, 2024) kept it an independent Department tying it to the Department of Agriculture only for necessary administrative functions. There will be divisions to include sports wagering, racing, compliance, and enforcement. The Bill was amended several times prior to moving to the House. The Bill passed out of the House and goes to the Kentucky Governor for signature.

03/14/24Looking for employment in harness racing? Check out the USTA's new employment website which lists open opportunities.

12/29/23Effective January 8, 2024 all Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) therapeutics including Phenylbutazone and Flunixin Meglumine will be treated the same for penalty purposes, as a placing violation, return of the purse, and fine.

12/28/23Ohio State Racing Commission licenses expire December 31, 2023. Licenses must be renewed to race by January 1, 2024 at MGM Northfield and January 3, 2024 at Miami Valley Gaming. Failure to be properly licensed may result in a fine or suspension. Trainers may still obtain a single temporary license for Owners.

11/14/23Ever want to know what it is like to ride in the Mike Woebkenberg starting gate? Click to read a first-hand account feature article written by ex-professional Hall of Fame baseball player Hal McCoy.

11/14/23The OHHA Equine Disaster Benevolent Trustees approved a $5,000 donation to go to the Southern Tier Harness Horseman's Association for disaster relief support related to the Tioga Downs barn fire that occurred on November 9, 2023.

11/12/23To assist with Tioga horsemen's donations. The Southern Tier Harness Horsemen's Association has requested monetary donations be sent to them for best-use at, STHHA, PO Box 9 Nicols, NY 13812 note fire relief in the memo. Ohio Tack and equipment donations can be dropped to onsite Track Reps by Monday November 13th at MGM Northfield or Thursday, November 16th at Dayton Raceway for pickup and delivery to Tioga.

11/10/23Open position in Outreach and Public Relations, check out details and information to apply here. [Update, position filled].

10/25/23The 2024 Stallion Directory submissions for the Advertising Pages and Pedigree Page Reservations must be submitted by November 15, 2022, click the links for the fill-in forms

09/14/23Ohio Select Jug Sale. Watch and bid on over 250 Ohio Sired yearlings live online September 15, 2023. Video and live bidding link can be found here

09/06/23Caesars Scioto Downs hosts the richest live card in Ohio history September 9th, $3.7 million dollars in Ohio Sires Stakes and Invitational racing action. Post time at 5:00 p.m. e.s.t. All races mandatory six-hour detention, detention times posted on USTA entries. Live broadcast from 8:00-11:00 PM e.s.t. on FS2 via Americas Day at the Races.

09/04/23Don't forget to complete the American Horse Council economic impact study so the economic impact of harness racing is accurately counted. Easy ten minute online survey and chance to win on of 15 prizes like a Z545R ZTrak Mower. Complete the survey here,

07/05/23Looking forward to Ohio Sired Stakes Race Finals and Consolations, see this Ohio Sired Staking Eligibility Guide to help make the job of managing your horse a little easier.

06/25/23The OHHA office is growing again, if you have the skill-set for administrative support and enjoy working as a team to help support and coordinate Association efforts check out a new position for an Assistant Director posted here, resumes must provide salary detail and be received by 5:00 p.m. July 14, 2023. [Update, position filled].

05/30/23The United States Trotting Association has removed the Spyder 3D from the approved sulky list pending investigation of the model. Updated approved sulky list is found here. Note that Ohio racing rules and OHHA sulky coverage on a sulky extend to USTA approved sulkies only.

05/19/23Open position in Outreach and Public Relations, check out details and information to apply here, rolling deadline until filled [Update, position filled].

04/02/23Would you like to be one of Ohio's on-air personalities, create a buzz, and help drive wagering? Join the team here as the Outreach and Public Relations Ambassador, position listed here. [Update-position filled].

03/22/23The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium has released recommendations for withdrawal times on common therapeutics for thoroughbreds under HISA. We are providing this for informational purposes only. No standardbred racing state has opt-ed harness racing into HISA as-of this date, but this is what racing under HISA would look like for medication and testing purposes.

03/15/23the Ohio State Racing Commission submitted two rules for approval with the Common Sense Initiative. If that process proceeds normally the rules will be effective in about 90 days. We will update with an effective date after the CSI process concludes. Rule 3769-14-34 is being changed to require a Judge that doesn't agree with a majority ruling to write the minority opinion report and submit it to the Racing Commission. Rule 3769-16-29 provides direction on a new safety protocol for a three-light warning system, when a race is to be declared a no-contest, and horses are to stop racing for safety purposes.

03/03/23The Ohio Revised Code bases eligibility for resulting foals in a breeding season ONLY for stallions that are registered before breeding a mare, have stood the entire season in Ohio, and remained in Ohio for the entire season under RC 3769.085. In pertinent part: "Colts and fillies eligible to the races shall be only those sired by a standardbred stallion that was registered with the state racing commission and stood in the state the entire breeding season of the year the colt or filly was conceived.”

The Ohio State Racing Commission has concluded that any Flex the Muscle 2023 foals are not eligible for Ohio Sired stakes events due to the invalidation of his Ohio Stallion Registration upon leaving the State in May 2022.

02/15/23All Ohio tracks transfer purse funds via direct deposit. Forms are here, MGM Northfield Park, Hollywood Gaming at Dayton, Caesars Scioto, Miami Valley Gaming. Miami Valley Gaming, is returned to Tina.Seekman@mvgrllc.com or fax, (513) 409-5094. For prior years at Miami Valley, check this list, and contact Tina to close-out prior years.

02/01/23The Ohio State Racing Commission has concluded that any Flex the Muscle 2023 foals are not eligible for Ohio Sired stakes events due to the invalidation of his Ohio Stallion Registration upon leaving the State in May 2022.

11/21/22Ohio has a new void claim rule that will be effective on December 1, 2022. The new rule can be found here. If a horse dies on the racetrack or is euthanized by the regulatory veterinarian, any claim is void

11/08/22Recent shortages of several common veterinary pharmaceuticals like Flunixin and Meloxicam (injectable) have been resolved [according to the FDA]((https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/product-safety-information/resolved-animal-drug-shortages). However, current shortages have Marquis available on allocation only through 2022 and unavailable ingredients leading to a penicillin shortage. You can check up-to-date information on common animal drug shortages here.

10/25/22The 2023 Stallion Directory submissions for the Advertising Pages and Pedigree Page Reservations must be submitted by November 15, 2022, click the links for the fill-in forms

09/09/22We are looking for a full-time, outgoing and friendly, Publications, Marketing, and Outreach Assistant to join Ohio's dynamic PR and Marketing team. Submit your resume and salary expectations to: rmancino@ohha.com by 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2022. Submissions must include salary expectation for consideration. [Update, position filled].

09/08/22Complete eligibility and details for all Ohio 2022 Stakes Finals and Consolations can be found here.

09/04/22MGM Northfield will host an Ohio Fair Consolation Late Closer on October 29, 2022 for horses that were nominated to the Ohio Fair Championships, raced in at least one fair, and is not eligible for, scratched or has raced in the Ohio Fairs Championship. The divisional races will go for $12-15,000 depending on field size, no entry fee. Divisions must have six entries to go, with no more than two entries per owner or trainer. Top nine and one also-eligible for each division will be drawn. One clean charted line within 45 days of October 29th with a time at or below Northfield Park's qualifying times.

09/01/22Update from February's notice, Ohio Lasix and Aminocaproic Acid (Amicar) changes go into effect on October 1, 2022. No more Aminocaproic acid therapeutic use in Ohio, which has moved to level of detection for a violation. The new rule is here, the permitted therapeutics list is found here.

08/01/22Ohio Breeder's Select Sale September 15-16, 2022. Sale Preview Day September 15th with complimentary food and beverages from 4-6:00 p.m. Sale starts at 10:00 a.m. on September 16th. Catalog available online, here

07/25/22A new medication rule in Ohio that prohibits Amicar use and changes requirements for qualifying on or off lasix or being forced off lasix for a race or in another state is working its way through the legislative process. The final rule language is here. Projected effective date is October 1, 2022. As soon as we have the actual effective date for the new rule we will provide an update

06/21/22Ohio State Racing Commission has removed the therapeutic medication, isoxsuprine from the OSRC Therapeutic Substance List effective September 1, 2022. The FDA withdrew approval and the Association of Racing Commissioners International established isoxsuprine as a non-approved substance. Being non-approved results in a violation at the level of detection. The updated OSRC Therapeutic Substance list is here. Note, isoxsuprine can be detected in post-race samples for a variable time period, if in use consult with your racetrack veterinarian for guidance on out-time for the September 1st effective date.

06/12/22Our current employee is moving onward and upward into a new role, leaving an open position! We are looking for a, Publications, Marketing, and Outreach Assistant to join Ohio's dynamic PR and Marketing team. Submit your resume and salary expectations to: rmancino@ohha.com by 5:00 p.m. on July 22, 2022. Submissions must include salary expectation for consideration. [Update, position filled].

05/24/22Our current employee is moving onward and upward with OHHA in a new role, so here we grow again! We are looking for a, Publications, Marketing, and Outreach Assistant to join Ohio's dynamic PR and Marketing team. Submit your resume and salary expectations to: rmancino@ohha.com by 5:00 p.m. on June 10, 2022. Submissions must include salary expectation for consideration. [Update, position filled].

05/19/22Ohio Worker's Compensation Informational session. Click this link for a video playback of the meeting, and click this link for the meeting materials

03/08/22Ohio is looking for a Public Relations Ambassador a joint project with Ohio's racetracks to promote Ohio's harness racing. Are you a passionate outgoing personality, with a drive and love for harness racing, and on-air experience? If so, this opportunity may be for you. Submit your resume and salary expectations to rmancino@ohha.com by 5:00 p.m. April 1, 2022. Submissions must include salary expectations for consideration. [Update, position filled].

03/01/22Love harness racing and want to join our dynamic outreach and public-relations team full-time? We are looking for a, Video Production and Media Content Creator Submit your resume and salary expectations to: rmancino@ohha.com by 5:00 p.m. on March 11, 2022. Submissions must include salary expectation for consideration. [Update, position filled]

02/23/22New Lasix rule announced in Ohio Must go through time-line on Ohio administrative code rule process, so no effective date yet. Effective date is expected in the fourth quarter of 2022. Major changes. Once furosemide certified in Ohio there will be no waiting period to race. On and off furosemide is up to the trainer with the advice of their veterinarian. After furosemide certification, the 90-day and 30-day rules continue to apply. If leaving Ohio for a no-Lasix race or no-Lasix jurisdiction you can return to Ohio and race without being re-certified and no 90 or 30-day violations. No qualifying to go off or on furosemide. No more Aminocaproic acid therapeutic use in Ohio, moved to level of detection for a violation. Advice is not to train on Amicar due to the risk of a positive test. Positive tests have been seen at longer out-times (8 days) in at least four other jurisdictions that moved to Level of Detection in the last year.

01/31/22Ohio on-track mandatory safety vest update. Two manufacturers and Big Dees are available for members at a discount. Tipperary Competitor vests can be purchased direct from the manufacturer https://tinyurl.com/OHHAs for $270 shipped using Code: OHA10. Big Dees will price-match. Australian Manufactured Vipa II vests https://tinyurl.com/OHHAm are limited availability through the OHHA for $270 (pickup only until sold out). The OHHA will have samples at the February 8th Blooded Horse Sale.December 15, 2021 Ohio State Racing Commission Directive modifies effective date for mandatory safety vest use effective March 1, 2022. Anyone on the track with a horse must wear one, including outriders. When driving or warming up horses the vest must be worn underneath racing colors. Horse racing certified safety vest manufacturer Tipperary Equestrian will provide OHHA Members a discount and free shipping, details to follow on discount. See below the various standards that are recommended:

Safety Vests must comply with one of the following minimum standards or later revisions: (a) British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA):2000 Level 1 (b) Euro Norm (EN) 13158:2000 Level 1 (c) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F2681-08 or F1937. (d) Shoe and Allied Trade Research Association (SATRA) Jockey Vest Document M6 Issue 3 (e) Australian Racing Board (ARB) Standard 1.1998 A safety helmet or a safety vest shall not be altered in any manner nor shall the product marking be removed or defaced.

12/09/21Ohio State Racing Commission announces effective January 1, 2022 Head numbers will be eliminated at pari-mutuel racetracks. Fairs can retain head numbers by application.

12/09/21 Also announced effective as-of January 1, 2022 Safety vests are mandatory when seated behind a horse on the racetrack.

12/08/21MGM Northfield Conditioned Mini Series announced for classes written weekly from December 18, 2021 to January 5, 2022.

11/25/21Hollywood Dayton Mini Series announced for all classes written weekly from December 2-23, 2021.

10/25/21Love harness racing and want to join our dynamic outreach and public-relations team full-time? We are looking for another, Publications, Marketing, and Outreach Assistant. Submit your resume and salary expectations to: rmancino@ohha.com by 5:00 p.m. on November 12, 2021. Submissions must include salary expectation for consideration. [Update, position filled].

09/20/21 Ohio Attorney General David Yost has filed an Amicus Brief into the Kentucky Horseracing Integrity and Safety case, Oklahoma v. United States (5:21-cv-00104-JMH). Yost joins the USTA, HBPA, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, and Nebraska in opposing the constitutionality of HISA.

08/31/212020 Notice and Petition for the 2021 OHHA Election was mailed to all Members by September 1, 2020. If you did not receive your Notice click here, or please contact the office at 614-221-3650 and we will provide you with one by mail. Any Petitions to run for any seat must be returned to the OHHA Office no later than 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

08/18/21Eldorado live racing update. Thursday live racing (8.19.21) canceled. Modifications are underway for Friday (8.20.21) live racing to go forward. Eldorado management is optimistic that the modifications will be completed in time for Friday’s races. Any difficulties in completing the modifications by post-time may result in the cancellation of Friday’s card. If canceled the Ohio Sires Stakes races scheduled for Friday will be contested at 4:15 p.m. as non-betting races prior to the Saturday live racing card.

We are optimistic that racing will continue at Eldorado's to the end of the regularly scheduled live meet without any more disruption. But then again, this is Ohio…wait five minutes the weather changes and that gets us more cancellations than we would like too!

08/03/21Be aware that the Ohio rules regarding Lasix use and certification are being strictly enforced by the Racing Commission for horses leaving the state, racing in no Lasix states or races, and returning.

The rules appear in R.C. 3769-18-01, interpreted by the OSRC as follows. If you have a horse certified for Lasix and race on Lasix, they must remain on Lasix for 90 days before being taken off. If you take a horse off of Lasix after 90 days, the removal is to be reported to the Presiding Judge at the racetrack you are entering at to race off of Lasix. If you want to put the horse back on Lasix after removal, the 30 day rule to race without Lasix remains in effect, and you must re-certify the horse for Lasix after the 30 day period. The 30 days from removal off Lasix are counted from the day after the horse raced off Lasix. If your horse raced July 1st off Lasix you must race off Lasix until July 31st. The fine for violators is up-to $1,000 depending on the factors at play.

05/27/21Ohio State Racing Commission COVID-19 Racing Rules and Protocols will expire at midnight on June 2, 2021. From June 3, 2021 horse racing will resume under normal and customary OSRC Rules in all restricted areas. Thank you for your cooperation, your adherence to the protocols and widespread vaccinations have helped get racing back to its normal state of operation.

05/14/21Updated Spring Matinee Schedule

05/11/21National Horseman's Benevolent and Protective Association files suit over the Constitutionality of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act. Details can be founnd here

05/04/21The Ohio State Racing Commission has issued new possession and use policies for Shock Wave Threapy and Radial Pulse Wave Therapy Equipment.

04/26/21Mandatory direct deposit for horseman's purse payments is being put in place at MGM Northfield Park. Please complete the form at this link, and return by June 15, 2021.

04/23/21OSRC issues New Ohio COVID Racing Protocol, protocol found here

04/23/21Per Board Directive, clarifying the sulky insurance program rules. The owner of a sulky must register the sulky prior to an accident for sulky coverage to apply. If the sulky is not listed on the registry, with complete details, prior to an accident, a sulky insurance claim will not be accepted.

03/11/21County Fair COVID Protocols have been amended with a new health order issued

12/16/20The Ohio State Racing Commission passed and released a new endogenous, dietary, and environmental substances classification list. Effective Date: March 1, 2021. [The list of substances and threshold levels is linked here](/GetDocument/68AC9388B1C1DC478F7BFCA821C9EE44/Resolution2020_18?

12/08/20ARCI Board of Directors added eighteen (18) substance classifications and recommended penalties to the ARCI Uniform Classification document effective immediately. ARCI release notice can be found here

09/11/20We are deeply saddened to notify Members of the passing of, Vivian Farrington, Harness Racing's Mom to "The Horse That God Loved", Rambling Willie. Condolences to her family as she rests peacefully in Heaven with her beloved Horse and Husband Bob.

07/22/20Emily Hay wins past week's only action in Spring Haven Farm Ladies Driving Series

By Bill Peters, Committee Member for the Spring Haven Farm Ladies Driving Series

The Seneca County Fair at Tiffin, Ohio hosted the only action in the Spring Haven Farm Ladies Driving Series this past week. The ladies went to the post in Race Nine on Monday's (July 22) card. When all the smoke had cleared, Emily Hay found herself in the winner's circle with the ten-year-old gelding Mr I Am (Western Spirit-Swift Passion). Thomas Phillips owns Mr I Am with Tricia Shepard performing the training duties. The winning time was 2:01.2. Jazmin Arnold continues to lead the Series in points with 318. Emily Hay's win at Tiffin moved her into second place with 230 points. Alesha Binkley holds down the third spot with 216 points.

Action in the Spring Haven Farm Ladies Driving Series continues this Wednesday (July 31) with racing at both the Auglaize County Fair at Wapakoneta and the Greene County Fair at Xenia. Post time is 6:30 p.m. at both sites.

10/25/19The Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association offers its congratulations to former OHHA President Richard “Dick” Brandt for his service to the harness racing industry as he steps down from the Board of Directors and as Treasurer at the United States Trotting Association.

Brandt was elected to the USTA’s Board of Directors in 1986 and as Treasurer in 2001. “Dick is an invaluable historical asset to Ohio and Ohio Racing. Although we are sad to see him step out of a formal role, I am sure we will continue to see him as a lifelong fan in Ohio” said Renée Mancino, Executive Director of the OHHA.

The Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association (OHHA) is a non-profit organization serving Standardbred horse owners, breeders, trainers, drivers and fans who participate in the sport of harness racing in the Buckeye State.

OHHA was founded in 1953. The mission of the Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association is to preserve, protect, promote and serve the entire Standardbred industry in Ohio and beyond.

10/23/19By, Susan Schroeder.

Nineteen fair and pari-mutuel officials gathered at Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway for a continuing education program on Oct. 19. Starter Mike Woebkenberg organized the event which has become a great forum for officials from all over Ohio.

Topics such as safety at the county fairs, microchips, race day program changes, race day issues, driving rules, drug testing, rulings and dealing with the media in a crisis were discussed. Officials spoke about issues they had faced this past summer and how they handled those matters. The need for more qualified associate judges and other racing officials was discussed.

Videos of infractions were viewed and discussed extensively. The interaction between the pari-mutuel and fair officials was beneficial to both groups.

10/23/19The Ohio State Racing Commission released new guidance on fines. The new schedule will be in effect January 1, 2020 and can be found at this link.

10/23/19In the September 19, 2019 Racing Commission meeting the Ohio State Racing Commission passed Resolution 2019-07 effective January 1, 2020. The Resolution provides updates to the classification of prohibited substances, to include methods of detection, regulatory thresholds, recommended penalties, and disciplinary measures for the presence of substances in test samples. The release can be found here

In anticipation of the changes horsemen are encouraged to utilize Selective Testing through the Ohio Department of Agriculture's testing lab. Included in the release are the form and details for submission.

10/21/19Grove City, Ohio - The Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association is proud to welcome Frank Fraas as the new Outreach and PR Coordinator. Fraas will be responsible for creating and developing public relations activities, marketing and outreach strategies.

Fraas joins the OHHA with over 35 years of experience in the media and marketing industry. He most recently was with Sinclair Broadcasting as a Marketing Consultant for WSYX-TV, WTTE-TV and WWHO-TV.

Prior to his time with Sinclair Broadcasting, Fraas also served as Sales Manager for Val-Pak Columbus and was the Vice President of Sales for North American Broadcasting.

His experience also includes work as an on-air news and sports reporter for WMNI-AM, Columbus and over twenty years as the Play-by-Play voice for Ohio State baseball. “I am excited about the opportunity to help the Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association continue to grow awareness of the harness racing industry in Ohio” said Fraas.

The Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association (OHHA) is a non-profit organization serving Standardbred horse owners, breeders, trainers, drivers and fans who participate in the sport of harness racing in the Buckeye State. OHHA was founded in 1953. The mission of the Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association is to preserve, protect, promote and serve the entire Standardbred industry in Ohio and beyond.

10/14/19By, Thom Pye

Dayton, OH — The eight $40,000 divisions of the Ohio Fair Finals, held at Holly Gaming Dayton Raceway on Sunday (Oct. 13) showcased the talent from the 65 Ohio County Fairs, both horse and human, and many of the equine stars stepped up to new lifetime tabs.

It was breeder/owner Michael Soehnlen’s Fatimas Secret who took the 2-year-old trotting fillies showdown as the daughter of Southwind Spirit came out at the head of the lane from a two-hole trip to trot away by three lengths from Laurels Dream (Jeff Nisonger) and Lipstickin Lies (Cam McCown) in a new standard of 2:00.4. It was the Jeff Cox trainee’s sixth win of her freshman year as she pushed her 2019 earnings to $40,610.

A fine field of nine 2-year-old pacing fillies were the next group to go behind the Mike Woebkenberg starting gate. Brett Miller would get away second from the seven position with Johnny Kearns’ T Degengold, the Jeff Nisonger-conditioned distaff by Pet Rock, then took command past the three-quarters and drew away by 6-1/2 lengths in 1:54.2 to best stablemate Shehitthehighnote (Dan Noble) and Jessica Smith’s Crosswind Layla with Brady Galliers in the bike. T Degengold is now 10-1-2 in her 13 seasonal starts and climbed to $58,702 in purse monies.

In the 2-year-old colt trot co-owner and trainer Steve Carter put Dan Noble in the driver’s seat on breeder/co-owner George Smith’s Sundancediamond and the gelding by Break The Bank K got the perfect two-hole trip before grasping victory by a nose over Handsome Pete (Alex Hawk) as Tyler Smith and Blazintothefront took third, only three-quarters of a length behind them. In his eighth winning tally of his juvenile year Sundancediamond took a new lifetime mark of 1:59.3 to compliment her year-to-date bank account of $49,954.

Dan Noble sent his own student Bargain Shopper to the front of the class in the 2-year-old colt pace and clipped off a near-track record mile of 1:53.3 with Chuck Grubbs’ altered son of Big Bad John as Elite Machine (Brady Brown) a half-length back and Big Bad Whamo (Kurt Sugg) gave a game chase in the final panel of :28.3. It was the seventh win for the $81,802 winning speedster as well as a new lifetime mark. He also sports four second place finishes in his 12 2019 starts.

The two top 3-year-old trotting fillies squared off as Paul Thiesing and trainer Kimberly Dailey’s Shake It Mary with Scott Cisco ruled the fractions and tossed a :28.3 backside panel when Joyce McClelland’s Aunt Marilynn challenged them to the three-quarters in 1:26. John Melsheimer’s star pupil and Aaron Merriman were on top up by 3-3/4 lengths when the homebred daughter of Uncle Peter stopped the timer in 1:57.3 for her new lifetime mark. Aunt Marilynn has a record of 9-7-3 in her 22 starts in 2019 and has earned $68,918 this year.

The 3-year-old filly pace featured North America’s winningest sophomore, 18-race winner Heythere Lisamarie, co-owned by Richard Paltani and trainer Steve Carter. She was saddled with the eight hole and gunned for the top. Officially My Way carried her a bit as Vintage Gal pressed on the outside before taking the seat in :26.3. New Number Who Dis tried to ring in as Ambitious Lillian followed cover. There was a cavalry charge coming to the wire before a photo print was ordered. When announcer Barry Vicroy called Michael Farquhar’s Ambitious Lillian in 1:55 it would give driver Dan Noble his third winning effort on the day and bring the daughter of Big Bad John’s lifetime earnings to $97,282 for conditioner Bruce Farquhar. Officially My Way was second, a nose back, as a game Heythere Lisamarie hung on for third, beaten only a half-length.

Tammy Carter, Jay Mossbarger, Cass Gallagher and Breana Carsey’s 3-year-old Broadway Hall trotting gelding Homer Hall trotted to an explosive 11-3/4 length win in 1:53.3 over Don’t Front Me (Dan Noble) and Setit And Forgetit (Jeff Nisonger) and give the Steve Carter-trained/Brett Miller-driven 1-5 favorite his 12th win of 2019. Homer Hall has earned $186,138 so far this season.

Driver Brett Miller would get a four-bagger on the day when he stayed back in the field in the 3-year-old colt pace with owner/trainer/breeder Daniel Hale’s Aeroblast and watched front-running Rock N Randy V (Chris Presley) and Friday Night Blues (Cam McCown) stage an epic head-to-head battle before Miller pushed a last quarter of :29 to win in 1:52.2 by 1-3/4 lengths over McCown and Friday Night Blues. It would give the Feelin Friskie 3-year-old gelding a new career high water mark, put his two-year total earnings at $76,318, and have the day’s highest payoff for the players with a tidy $55.20 to win.

For each division the Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association awarded Fair shirts and Fair jackets as well as a Fair chair and a glass vase etched by Ann and Ray Lufkin filled with carrots for the equine star. Throughout the crowd were many familiar faces from each of the Fairs: directors, horsemen, track announcers, and photographers as they made the pilgrimage to Montgomery County to watch their horses compete.

Thanks to our host, Hollywood Gaming at Dayton and Director of Racing Jason Bluhm, for their accommodations as they provided fans — both young and old — with food vendors, bouncy tents, door prizes, and T-shirt giveaways.

10/01/19October Brings Schedule Changes to Northfield Park

Northfield Park will now be racing every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a 6 PM post time and on Saturday’s and Sunday’s beginning at 6:40PM. Saturday, October 12 will feature Grand Circuit racing with the $125,000 Courageous Lady. The October 12 undercard will feature the $75,000 Final for OSS 4-Year-Old and Up trotting horses and geldings, $75,000 Final for OSS 4-Year-Old and Up trotting mares, and the 5th annual Pace for the Cure featuring all female drivers.

10/01/19The OHHA sends well wishes to Vince Koza longtime personality with Lima Sport's Radio The Fan after a cancer diagnosis. Details on Vinnce's fundrasier can be found here.

09/01/19Northfield Park Offers Mini Claiming Series

By Ayers Ratliff

Northfield Park has announced the dates of six Mini Claiming Series. These series offer opportunities for owners to place their horses in races with progressive claiming prices and purses.

The newly-added Late Closers start with a base claiming price of either $7,500 or $17,500 for distaff and male pacers. Trotters are also offered Series with the same claiming tags.

No pre-monination is necessary, however there is a one-time entry fee of $100 for the $7,500 series and $200 for the $17,500 series. More information for the series can be found here or by calling the race office at (330) 467-4101.

08/29/19Buckeye Stallion Series Finals Competed at Hollywood Gaming Dayton Raceway

By Regina Mayhugh

It was an afternoon of fun and racing when Hollywood Gaming Dayton Raceway hosted the Buckeye Stallion Series Final on Sunday, September 29. These horses have been competing over the summer and earned a spot in the final by point accumulation. The purse for these races was $60,000.

Dream Change (Winning Fireworks - Economic Change) was the 2-year-old filly trot winner in Race 2. Brett Miller drove the filly to the finish in 1:59.0, just slightly ahead of Racin Commando (Broadway Hall - Kelsey’s Commando). Dream Change is trained by Pamela Young and owned by Big Dog Racing (Thornville, OH).

The 2-year-old filly pace winner was Penpaperpaige (Pet Rock - Park Lane Paige) in Race 3, finishing in 1:52.2 with Tyler Smith. She is trained by Jeff Smith and owned by Shirley Le Vin (IL). Pj’s Legacy (Big Bad John - Walstan’s Lady) finished second.

Herecomescharlie B (Full Count - Jetterbug) finished first in Race 5, 2-year-old colt trot. Ryan Stahl guided him to the finish in 1:58.0. Smoking Jet (Triumphant Caviar) finished second. Herecomescharlie B is trained and owned by Daniel Venier (Pemberville, OH).

Bargain Shopper (Big Bad John - One Stop Shopping) was shopping for the finish line and was first in line when he won the 2-year-old colt pace division in Race 6, with Dan Noble. The pair finished in 1:54.3, just ahead of Isowantapetrock (Pet Rock - So Wanted). Dan Noble also trains Bargain Shopper who is owned by Chuck Grubbs (KY).

Twentyfour K Magic (Dontyouforgetit - Magic Memory) found magic when he appeared in the winner’s circle with Aaron Merriman, finishing in 1:56.3. Feel Invincible As (Broadway Hall - There’s A Way) followed closely behind. Twentyfour K Magic is trained and owned by Tye Loy (Columbia Station, OH).

Gypsy Merlot (Feeling Friskie - Bronwen Seelster) and Ronnie Wrenn Jr won the 3-year-old filly pace in Race 9 in 1:53.3. Second was Twinsburg (Mcardle - Fastidious Hanover). Gypsy Merlot is trained and owned by Allen Tomlinson (MI).

Race 11 was the 3-year-old colt with Morally Flexible (Break The Bank K - Toot Sweet) in the winner’s circle. He finished in 1:53.2 with Dan Noble, who also trains the colt. Homer Hall (Broadway Hall - Cynthia Iliad) finished close behind in second. Bruce Soulsby (Powell, OH) and Dalton Walls (Greenville, OH) own Morally Flexible.

Race 12, the 3-year-old colt pace, was the final Buckeye Stallion Series race. Big See (Big Bad John - Eagle See) took the win with Kayne Kauffman, finishing in 1:51.1. Dashing To Da Wire (Charley Barley - Flower Pot) placed second. Big See is trained by and owned by Phillippe Belanger.

The Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association would like to thank Hollywood Gaming Dayton Raceway for hosting the Buckeye Stallion Series Final!

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