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Mares are registered in the year they conceive, the breeder of record must be an OHHA Member as outlined on the Mare Registration Date and Membership Requirements chart and the mare must remain in Ohio for 187 days in the year of foaling to be eligible to receive breeders awards for the resulting foal.

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Breeder's Awards Information
  • Breeder's Awards are distinct from Ohio Stakes Eligiblity. In Ohio Colts and fillies eligible to Ohio Sired races shall be only those sired by a standardbred stallion that was registered with the state racing commission and stood in the state the entire breeding season of the year the colt or filly was conceived. Ohio Revised Code 3769.085 and 3769.082. A Standardbred Stallion Certificate must be issued, valid and in effect for foal eligibility to Ohio Fairs Fund races, Ohio Standardbred Development Fund races, and all other Ohio Sired races or Ohio Sired eligible races. Ohio Administrative Code 3769-15-34. The foal of any mare bred by any stallion without complying with the rules and regulations of the stallion registration, will not be eligible for nomination to any Ohio Sired Events.