March 22, 2023 the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium has released recommendations for withdrawal times on common therapeutics for thoroughbreds under HISA.  We are providing this for informational purposes only.  No standardbred racing state has opt-ed harness racing into HISA as-of this date, but this is what racing under HISA would look like for medication and testing purposes.


March 15, 2023 the Ohio State Racing Commission submitted two rules for approval with the Common Sense Initiative. If that process proceeds normally the rules will be effective in about 90 days.  We will update with an effective date after the CSI process concludes.  Rule 3769-14-34 is being changed to require a Judge that doesn't agree with a majority ruling to write the minority opinion report and submit it to the Racing Commission.  Rule 3769-16-29 provides direction on a new safety protocol for a three-light warning system, when a race is to be declared a no-contest, and horses are to stop racing for safety purposes.


March 3, 2023  The Ohio Revised Code bases eligibility for resulting foals in a breeding season ONLY for stallions that are registered before breeding a mare, have stood the entire season in Ohio, and remained in Ohio for the entire season under RC 3769.085.  In pertinent part: "Colts and fillies eligible to the races shall be only those sired by a standardbred stallion that was registered with the state racing commission and stood in the state the entire breeding season of the year the colt or filly was conceived.”


The Ohio State Racing Commission has concluded that any Flex the Muscle 2023 foals are not eligible for Ohio Sired stakes events due to the invalidation of his Ohio Stallion Registration upon leaving the State in May 2022.


February 15, 2023  All Ohio tracks transfer purse funds via direct deposit. Forms are here, MGM Northfield Park, Hollywood Gaming at Dayton, Caesars SciotoMiami Valley Gaming. Miami Valley Gaming, is returned to or fax, (513) 409-5094.  For prior years at Miami Valley, check this list, and contact Tina to close-out prior years.


November 21, 2022 Ohio has a new void claim rule that will be effective on December 1, 2022.  The new rule can be found here.  If a horse dies on the racetrack or is euthanized by the regulatory veterinarian, any claim is void.


November 8, 2022 Recent shortages of several common veterinary pharmaceuticals like Flunixin and Meloxicam (injectable) have been resolved according to the FDA.  However, current shortages have Marquis available on allocation only through 2022 and unavailable ingredients leading to a penicillin shortage. You can check up-to-date information on common animal drug shortages here.




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• April 20, 2023  OHHA October 2nd Quarter Board of Directors' Meeting, General Session Meeting 11:00 a.m. OHHA Offices, 2237 Sonora Drive., Grove City, Ohio.


• July 20, 2023  OHHA October 3rd Quarter Board of Directors' Meeting, General Session Meeting 11:00 a.m. Caesars Scioto Downs, 6000 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio  43207 Three Diamonds Room.


• October 19, 2023  OHHA October 4th Quarter Board of Directors' Meeting, General Session Meeting 11:00 a.m. 2237 Sonora Drive., Grove City, Ohio.


• January 12-13, 2024 OHHA 1st Quarter Board of Directors' Meeting, General Session Annual Meeting, and Annual Banquet.




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Attention Horsemen:

All date-based deadlines:  All date based programs in Ohio (stakes nominations, scholarship applications, feature race grant applications, capital improvement grant applications, breeder's award mare registrations, etc.) all follow the same date deadline protocol.  Receipt at the OHHA Office by close-of-business on the deadline date, or official U. S. Postal Service postmark ONLY.  Either is acceptable for deadline date receipt proof.  Note.  One common misconception is a metered mail date is a postmark.  It is not.  A postmark is an imprint put on by the USPS Office that accepted the mail.  The postmark date is the only date on mailed items that is used to determine whether mail was sent on or before a deadline date.  We recommend you personally witness the postmark being placed on your envelope if you mail near or on the deadline date.  If received after the deadline date, a postmark is after the deadline date, or is missing, the submission is considered late and will be returned.


OHHA Text Blast: Subscribe to the O.H.H.A. Text Blast Service:  Text OHHA to  1-888-808-1507 to sign-up for Ohio’s standardbred industry updates and emergency messages.


Negative Coggins Test: A horse’s Coggins must be valid at the time of entry in Ohio racetracks and fairs.  Check your Coggins test expiration date.  If your Coggins is valid at the time of entry and expires at the time of racing the horse will be scratched if you do not provide the valid Coggins negative test result to the race office prior to the race date.  In addition to the scratch, the trainer will be subjected to a minimum $200 OSRC fine for a rule violation under 3769-15-30!  Please make sure all horse’s Coggins Tests are up-to-date upon entry and will remain so through race day!


OSS Allowance:  Under Rule 4 there is no allowance on time for two-year-olds. The OSS qualifying times are as listed under Rule 4, “Requirements to Start”. For added information check the Official OSS Conditions.


For those racing in nearby Kentucky.  As passed by the Kentucky Racing Commission in April 2020, Effective October 25, 2020 Kentucky moved therapeutic medications off the ARCI thresholds to zero tolerance or "level of detection" for a violation.  That includes therapeutics, Triamcinolone, Betamethasone, Diclofenac (Surpass), Firocoxib. Note also that Lasix use was prohibited in 2 year-olds in 2020 and "stakes races" in 2021.


December 15, 2021 Ohio State Racing Commission Directive modifies effective date for mandatory safety vest use effective March 1, 2022. Anyone on the track with a horse must wear one, including outriders. When driving or warming up horses the vest must be worn underneath racing colors. See below the various standards that are recommended:


Safety Vests must comply with one of the following minimum standards or later revisions:

(a)   British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA):2000 Level 1

(b)  Euro Norm (EN) 13158:2000 Level 1

(c)   American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F2681-08 or F1937.

(d)  Shoe and Allied Trade Research Association (SATRA) Jockey Vest Document M6 Issue 3

(e)   Australian Racing Board (ARB) Standard 1.1998

A safety helmet or a safety vest shall not be altered in any manner nor shall the product marking be removed or defaced.


December 9, 2021 Ohio State Racing Commission announces effective January 1, 2022 Head numbers will be eliminated at pari-mutuel racetracks.  Fairs can retain head numbers by application.  Also announced effective as-of January 1, 2022 Safety vests and helmets are mandatory when seated behind a horse on the racetrack.

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