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Ohio Breeders Awards, Mare Registration, and Residency are not linked to a resulting foal's Ohio Sired Stakes Eligibility.

Eligibility for Ohio Sired Stakes Races

The Ohio State Racing Commission Administers Ohio Stallion Registration

  • Ohio Sired Stakes eligible foals shall be only those sired by a standardbred stallion that was registered with the Ohio State Racing Commission and stood in the state the entire breeding season of the year the colt or filly was conceived under Ohio Revised Code 3769.085 and 3769.082.
  • A Standardbred Stallion Certificate must be issued, valid and in effect for foal eligibility to Ohio Fairs Fund races, Ohio Standardbred Development Fund races, and all other Ohio Sired races or Ohio Sired eligible races. Ohio Administrative Code 3769-15-34. The foal of any mare bred by any stallion without complying with the rules and regulations of the stallion registration, will not be eligible for nomination to any Ohio Sired Events.

Eligibility for Ohio Breeder’s Awards

The Ohio Harness Horsemen's Association Administers Ohio Standardbred Breeder's Awards

  • Mares must be bred to a registered Ohio Standardbred stallion.
  • Mares must foal in Ohio and remain in Ohio for 187 consecutive days in the year of foaling.
  • All owners of the mare must be OHHA members.
  • Forms are filled out to register mare(s) with the OHHA every year your mare(s) is bred.


Ohio's live and online standardbred horse sales occur throughout the year. Mixed sales are typically quarterly, yearling sales are kicked-off by the Ohio Selected Sale held every September. Links to the sales companies that operate within Ohio or sell Ohio Sired standardbreds are linked below.

Ohio Standardbred Sales


Ohio Sired Stakes Racing

Ohio is a late closer nomination state. 2 and 3-year-old standardbreds are nominated for Ohio Sired stakes races in the year they will race. 4-year-old and up Ohio Sired Stakes have no nomination. There are no sustaining fees in Ohio except those races that are Grand Circuit nominated stakes. For the Hambletonian Society Grand Circuit Stakes races in Ohio, contact them here.

  • Starting with yearlings in 2022 the OHHA pays the initial, yearling nomination fee for all Ohio Sired yearlings that are USTA registered prior to May 15th for the Little Brown Jug, Jugette, Old Oaken Bucket, and Buckette Grand Circuit Races. If the yearling isn't registered with the USTA by May 15th in its yearling year, all payments must be made by the owner. If the yearling payment was made by the OHHA all other fees for those races are paid by the owner. Not sure about nomination or sustaining for these Grand Circuit events, you can check them here.

The OHHA administers the Ohio Sires Stakes 2 and 3-year-old and Aged Stakes, Buckeye Stallion Series, Ohio Fair Racing Conference, and Ohio State Fair stakes races. Check the menu items for details on each, including the Ohio Staking Guide, full race schedules, nomination forms, rules, nominations and point standings.

For the other three fair circuits, nominations, forms, and information can be found at their sites A map of all Ohio Fairs Fund race circuits and where they race is here.

Other Ohio Fairs Fund Colt Racing Circuits' Links

Date-based deadlines, Horses are nominated in their two and three-year-old years for all Ohio sired stakes racing by March 15th. Ohio sired eligible nomination must be received at the OHHA Office by close-of-business on the deadline date, or contain a legible official U. S. Postal Service postmark ONLY. Either is acceptable for deadline date receipt proof.

Ohio Sired Stakes Racing Finals Eligibility

Looking forward to Stakes Series Finals Eligibility? Check out this chart for the latest information for the current stakes season. Ohio Sired Staking Eligibility Guide to help make the job of managing your horse a little easier.