Insurance Benefits

O.H.H.H.I.T. Cigna© Medical Insurance Program

Medical Benefits through the Cigna Healthcare Plan available to Ohio's Trainers, Drivers, Grooms, and Farm Workers.  Complete details and eligibility dependent upon qualification guidelines.


Current Self-Pay Cost Monthly $354.00 per-month for Single Coverage or $821.00 per month for Family Coverage

Sulky Insurance Coverage

Full-Active Members are Eligible for Sulky Insurance.  Coverage extends to sulkies covered due to an accident in a race.  Sulkies are covered based upon a pro-rata formula, sulky wheels are excluded from coverage.  Sulky Owner must Register the sulky for coverage to apply.  Once the completed Sulky Registration Form is received coverage will apply.

Third-Party Liability Insurance Coverage

Full-Active Members are Eligible for Third-Party Liability Insurance coverage as an Additional Insured.  The Liabiity Insurance Policy is an EXCESS COVERAGE POLICY, which offers coverage for a Member incident to an accident or damage caused by a racehorse to a Third-Party's Property.


Also covered are racehorse mortality incident to shipping, Fire, and Disaster Insurance Coverage under limited circumstances.


For complete details request a copy of the Policy.

Accident, Death, and Disability Insurance

Accident, Death, and Disability Coverage is available for all Drivers injured on-track during the course of a race at an Ohio Pari-mutuel racetrack or a race at a Fair during the scheduled Fair Racing Dates.


Plan A provides coverage while working with horses.  Plan B provides 24/7 coverage 365 days a year whether or not you are injured with horses or without.  The Canadian track added coverage form applies only to working with horses in Canad


Download the Voluntary Accident Brochure, complete the form located in the brochure.  Fax the completed form and credit card authoriztion to (309) 452-7500 or Mail the completed form with annual premium payable to:  Van Gundy Insurance, Attn: Gail McNeely, 101 S. Towanda Avenue, Normal, IL 61761

Worker's Compensation Insurance Co-Op Information

All small business employers with payroll that exceeds the State Requirement Minimum must carry Worker's Compensation Coverage. As-of 2019 the Ohio State Racing Commission has included Owners and Trainers as a condition of licensure.  The Association offers a free, Member-Benefit partnership with Comp Management for the most cost-effective coverage available.  Currently have coverage, a free, no-obligation review is available by simply completing the AC-3 form attached at the link.  Don't be without this important coverage as required by law.

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O.H.H.H.I.T. Cigna© Medical Insurance Program

O.H.H.H.I.T. Cigna Medical Insurance Program