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About Ohio Fair Racing Conference (OFRC)

The OFRC was established to simplify the staking process for horsemen, to reduce the complexity of administering the racing program by Fair Boards and to increase harness racing participation at the fairs.


The OFRC has an eight-member board: four appointed by the Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association (O.H.H.A.) and four appointed by the Ohio Fair Managers Association (OFMA).


Steve Bateson
(2020- 3 Year)

Donald "Skip" Hoovler (2020- 2 Year)
Randy Leopard
(2020- 1 Year)

John Konesky III (2020- 1 Year)



Robert Sidley (2020- 3 Year)

Rod Arter (2020- 2 Year)
Wade Flory (2020-1 Year)

Stanley Strode (2020- 1 Year)


Fan Members
Jason Haynes      Mike Woebkenberg


Regional Coordinators Bill Peters and Todd Brown will facilitate the harness racing program at the 21 fairs in the conference for 2020.


- One Membership Fee for

  horsemen, your O.H.H.A. Membership

  serves as your OFRC Membership.

- Each owner of horses nominated to

  OFRC stakes need to be a Full-Active Member of the O.H.H.A. and will receive the benefits that the O.H.H.A. offers for Full-Active Members.

- OFRC Regional Coordinators - Two Call-In Numbers for the 21 Fairs.

- The OFRC regional coordinators take

  the large percentage of the entries.

- Online entries available and


- 3-day box (with the exception of

  Summit County-Northfield)

- Consistent entry fees


2019 OFRC Points
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Madison County Fair 2016- London, OH

Hartford  Independent Fair 2017- Croton, OH