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Did You Know???

There are a variety of career opportunities in the harness racing industry. Click here to read about various careers that are available through harness racing.

Horses are considered adults at age 5 and their lifespan is approximately 25 -30 years.

Horses can sleep standing up or laying down.

Average sleep time is 2.9 hrs per day.

Horses can reach speeds in excess of
30 mph when racing.

Anyone can own a harness horse. You can even partner with others. Ownership is not hard to achieve and the costs are manageable.

66 of Ohio’s county fairs host harness racing.

Fair racing is the grassroots of harness racing.

Harness racing began as a fun, recreational activity among neighbors for the chance to earn bragging rights and to compete against each other.

The first harness racing tracks opened in the mid-1800’s and even before that, county fairs began hosting racing as early as 1825.

Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal, they are lateral vision (range of vision of more than 350 degrees), and have excellent day and night vision.

You can tell a horse’s age by looking at its teeth.

A race horse can consume 5,200 lbs of grain a year and 180 bales of hay per year.

Clean water is a neccessity too. They should have a supply of at least 10 gallons of water per day.

Standardbred race horses have a variety of opportunities after the race track. Many go on to be riding horses, 4-H projects, and show horses just to name a few.


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