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Governor, Senator & Representative Rally Letter

May 18, 2009

Dear __________________________

I rely on the Ohio Horse Racing Industry for all or part of my family’s income. We have enjoyed horse racing here
in Ohio for close to 100 years and it is a vital, vibrant part of our State’s economy as well as thousands of Ohioan’s
personal incomes.

In order to save those jobs, help balance the State’s budget and aid in the funding of education to the tune of
hundreds of millions of dollars each year, I urge you to fully support the Ohio State Racing Commission’s Proposal
to “Save the Ohio Horse Racing Industry” and put Ohio horsemen on a level playing field with the surrounding states
that have expanded gaming to enhance racing.

We are of the understanding that this can be part of THIS biennium budget that must be passed by June 30, 2009
and as a horseman I want my State Representative, my State Senator and the Governor to understand and fully
support the Ohio State Racing Commission’s proposal to permit the use of slot machines or video lottery terminal
(“VLTs”) at Ohio’s horse racing tracks.

I am sure you are fully aware of the proposal and I wanted to voice my support of the Ohio State Racing Commission
and their document to benefit Ohio horsemen and their families. I hope that through you, my voice will be heard
and the Ohio Horse Racing Industry will be brought up to par with all those states bordering ours who are enjoying
Ohio’s money. Keep Ohio Money In Ohio!

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you would care to discuss this matter further in person or via
telephone please contact me at the address or phone number listed below.






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